Beyond the Barriers & Your OTT TB

Beyond the Barriers intends to support Thoroughbreds at all stages of their re-training journey, and we have created the following categories to clarify which of our competitions and clinics your Thoroughbred may be eligible to apply for.

Please note, the only restrictions confining a horse to each stage is their period of time in re-training. These divisions have been created to ensure a fair and appropriate level of opportunities for Thoroughbreds across the board.

Stage 1

Stage 1 is the first stage of re-training a Thoroughbred off the track. Clinics & events for Stage 1 horses, are open to those who have been off the track (or in re-training) for less than 12 months.

Stage 2

Beyond the Barriers Stage 2 is classified as the 2nd & 3rd years of re-training, so eligible Thoroughbreds have been in re-training for between 12 & 36 months.

Stage 3

Thoroughbreds who are classified as Beyond the Barriers 'Stage 3' horses are those who have been sporthorses for longer than 3 years. This is the 'open' class for any Beyond the Barriers competitions and clinics, and Thoroughbreds of any age are welcome.

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