Training Tips

Training Tips

Dressage Exercises for the OTTB

By Steuart Pittman
Dressage Today

Try these three exercises to turn a Thoroughbred racehorse into a successful dressage mount.

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Dannie's Eventing Insights

Some great advice on producing Thoroughbreds here, from one of New Zealand's best.
Article courtesy of NZ Horse and Pony Magazine.

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Donna Edwards-Smith Training Video

"The Tigger Grid"
4 February 2016

Donna Smith Eventing presents the "Tigger" Grid - Using a basic grid we watch how different horses handle it! We want the same thing from all horses, make a decision and stay straight!

A grid for both green and experienced horses. Poles on the ground for greenies, little jumps for the not so green and for the experienced ones play around with the lifting just one side of the 2nd and the other side of the 3rd jump AND or move the ground poles closer to take off or landing. Sit back and relax and enjoy the bouncy ride!!!

Give it a try, Donna has included a grid diagram with measurements in feet at the end of the video.

Donna Edwards-Smith Training Video

"Introducing XC on the Lunge"
3 November 2016

Brought to you by Spurs of Counties and Donna Smith Eventing

Lunging over XC is a great way to teach horses to think for themselves and problem solve without having a rider on board to dictate to them. Useful for all horses but especially introducing young horses to XC for the first time and problem horses!!! View in HD to increase the video quality ;)

Give it go :) All you need is a lunge line and some solid XC style fences.

Donna Edwards-Smith, 4* event rider

Donna Smith is a well-known and very successful rider on the eventing circuit. She is a professional rider and coach, and has been producing thoroughbreds for 16 years from scratch up to 4* level. She almost always has a full team of TB's as they are her favourites.
Her current top horse is Tangolooma, a 4* eventer by Align who showed no form during his short racing career but has more than made up for it in his new career. Donna describes him as "a little power pack, slightly snobbish, runs purely on love for his mummy...Bones is a true NZ TB, doesn't give up and has a very trainable brain!".
She has kindly allowed Beyond the Barriers to publish her training videos which could be a useful step in re-training your ex-racehorse.

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