Dunstan Ex-Factor Applications 2022

Complete the form below to apply to compete in Dunstan Ex-Factor 2022 at Papatoetoe Pony Club on April 2nd & 3rd 2022.

About Dunstan Ex-Factor 2022

With the luxury of having an entire venue to ourselves, as well as a quieter environment, we are thrilled to announce a second title 'Ex-Factor Pre-School' to our Ex-Factor competition. The competition this year is split into 2 formats, to give less experienced horses a chance to compete against horses of a similar stage.

Dunstan Ex-Factor: the original competition, with individual class prizes awards and a points system determining the overall Dunstan Cup winner & placegetters. Thoroughbreds that began their sporthorse education after 1 October 2020 are eligible for this class. Entry fee $180, including polo shirt, not including yarding or ground fees.

The classes available to choose from (you can do a maximum of 3 ridden classes) are: Paced & Mannered, Dressage, Show-Jumping (80-90cm), Working Hunter (80cm), Freestyle (5-6 minutes), & Working Equitation/Cowboy Challenge (expect to see a water obstacle, open a gate, drag something, etc). Plus compulsory Trot Up/Best Presented & Conditioned.

Ex-Factor Pre-School: for less experienced horses (sub 6 months education), who MUST not have started their schooling prior to 1 October 2021 . These horses will NOT be awarded individual class prizes, but a points system for placings in these classes will determine the overall Ex-Factor Pre-School placegetters 1st - 6th. Note horses that compete in this class WILL still be eligible for Ex-Factor 2022 at Equifest, if it takes place. Entry fee $140, including polo shirt but not including ground or yarding fees.

The classes available to choose from (you can do a maximum of 3 ridden classes) are: Paced & Mannered, Dressage, Show-Jumping (70cm max), Working Hunter (70cm max). Plus compulsory Trot Up/Best Presented & Conditioned.

Riders must supply their own number to be displayed on the horse (eg bridle or saddleblanket number).

By submitting this form you are agreeing to the rules and regulations as outlined at the bottom of this page.



Horses will compete in the compulsory ‘trot up / best presented and conditioned’ class as
well as three of the optional ridden classes.
The organisers of the DEF, Beyond the Barriers NZ (BTB) will not reimburse any expenses associated with
the care and/or training of these horses and at no time will the horse(s) be the liability of BTB.
The riders acknowledge that the organisers of DEF and BTB have no special relationship with the riders
giving rise to any special duty of care required by law.
The riders acknowledge that they should retain full and continuous responsibility for the training and
welfare of the horse until the end of the Ex-Factor competition. Failure to maintain responsibility for
training and welfare will result in elimination from the competition, at BTB’s sole discretion.
This is an invitational competition and only horses who have been approved by BTB are eligible to
compete in the DEF.
2-3 April 2022
• Compulsory trot up and best presented/conditioned to be completed on the Saturday morning
• Schedule for remaining optional classes to be confirmed
• Riders placed 1st – 6th will be required to be present at the completion of each class
for a mounted prize giving (Ex-Factor only, not Pre-School).
• Riders will be required to be available for the mounted presentation of the overall
1st – 6th place Dunstan Ex-Factor & Pre-School prize winners on Sunday 3rd April 2022
location and time to be confirmed.
COMPETITION REGULATIONS • Participation in the DEF competitions are by invitation only; therefore, the BTB committee has
the unqualified right to determine eligibility and can, at any time, remove a rider or horse from
the DEF program and / or competition if the welfare of a horse is in question. A veterinarian
nominated by BTB will have the sole discretion to determine the welfare of the horse; and
whether there is any inhumane treatment present. BTB have the final decision as to following
the foresaid veterinarian’s advice in considering whether to eliminate the rider and / or horse
from the competition.
• The rider is eligible to train and show their purchased TB and compete for prize money and
awards up to the completion of the competition at Equifest.
• The rider is responsible for the TB at all times.
• All prize money and awards will be paid to the nominee of the winning TB as per the completed
entry form.
• Horses can be presented for competition by anyone approved by BTB.
• Riders agree that all photographs and other related media coverage of the competition and the
training process are the property of BTB; and can be distributed publicly at the sole discretion of
• BTB is not liable for any loss to any person, horse or property caused by the rider or the rider’s
horse from the signing of this contract until the end of the competition at Equifest.
• BTB has sole discretion as to determination of inhumane treatment or training methods.
• BTB has entered into corporate sponsorship agreements with a variety of companies. BTB
requests that riders honour and support these sponsorships.
• Riders will be restricted from wearing apparel or equine products during the DEF
competition or in promotional videos / photos that have logos that are larger than 10cm
wide and 4cm tall other than that provided by BTB.
• Riders may not hang banners promoting any sponsors of any size in the common events
area during any of the DEF classes.
• Upon entry onto the showgrounds, competing TB’s will be verified by brand by a BTB
representative to determine the horse’s identity.
• The rider accepts that in submitting their application to compete they are agreeing to this
contract and they indicate their intention to attend and compete in four classes in the DEF. Failure to present your horse for the trot up will result in disqualification from all
following classes.
COMPETITION RULES • Thoroughbreds may be exhibited in English, Western or other appropriate equine styles and
equipment. Riders are asked to wear appropriate attire and head gear, which reflects the style
of their riding. A high level of professionalism and turn out is expected.
• Any bit or equipment determined severe by the judges or BTB committee will not be allowed.
Judges or a member of the BTB committee may check equipment at any time, including the
warm up. It is the judge’s sole discretion to make such decisions.
Not allowed equipment includes:
Draw reins
German Martingales, Market Harboroughs
Chambon or other similar equipment
• No person shall administer drugs internally or externally to a thoroughbred, either before or
during the EFC competitions in accordance with the FEI Clean Sports. For a full list of prohibited
substances visit BTB reserves the right to
randomly or directly drug test any thoroughbred in the competition. Positive tests may result in
removal from the event and elimination. The winner of the challenge may be drug tested
immediately following the awards presentation. Random drug testing may also be done in other
classes. In regard to herbal / natural supplements, trainers are cautioned against the use of
medicinal preparations, tonics, pastes and products of any kind, the ingredients and quantitative
analysis of which are not specifically known, as many of them may contain a forbidden
• Riders have been asked for their class preferences and BTB will endeavor to accommodate these
requests to the best of their ability. Riders acknowledge that limits on class sizes mean that a
start in their preferred classes is not guaranteed.
• Riders will be required to be present for a mounted prize giving at the completion of each class
as well as the Dunstan Ex-Factor overall prize giving which will be held on Sunday 3rd April 2022. Failure to be present for the mounted prize giving will result in any prizes / prize money
being forfeited.
Should any of the parties to this contract consider a dispute has arisen under this contract, then the
party believing a dispute has arisen should notify all other parties in writing. All parties must agree to
meet within 10 working days of the notice of a dispute. In the event that the dispute is unresolved, the
parties agree to appoint a mediator to hear the dispute at a formal mediation before any court
proceedings are commenced.
The entry fee is to be paid within 5 working days of receiving confirmation
of your acceptance to compete. Entry fees will be payable to Beyond the Barriers NZ.


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